Telephone based door entry systems from the tone on your phone...

The system is installer programmed remotely from a standard telephone, mobile or modem link, or locally via the keypad (where fitted) or USB connection.
Each button is programmed to call a different telephone number relating to the destination (flat, office, house etc).

When a visitor presses the required button the optional electronic voice will confirm that the call is being made, a telephone call is then made from the entrance panel to the destination telephone number.

The telephone rings in the premises, (if a mobile phone is called the recipient could be anywhere in the world!) if the recipient is in they can answer the call as normal and speak to the visitor.

On answer the recipient will hear a tone to confirm that the call is from the entry system.
If the recipient is out the Telguard is able to search up to 8 other phone numbers i.e. office, mobile, relation etc.

This is activated if the telephone is not answered within a preset amount of rings, but it will not work if the call is answered before this time by an answer machine or Call Minder/1571.
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