We specialise in conventional analogue and IP based Network CCTV Systems
Analogue CCTV
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Analogue CCTV is traditionally wired in co-ax cable with each camera needing its own power source (240v a/c or low volt source).
Each camera is wired back to a recorder of some kind, almost always a Digital video recorder or DVR.

This type of system often involves installing cables over great distances which can be up to 80% of the installation time.
The benifit of analogue systems is that they are easy to upgrade and less costly than network Systems
Network CCTV utilizes the Data cabling (cat5) that exists in most buildings.

In most instances the existing Network will be suitable for the transfer of the CCTV images (subject to the suitability of Network switches and protocols) and enable a rapid deployment of Cameras without the need of additional cabling.

Plus with the use of POE network switches the cameras can be powered over the network so saving the cost of having to provide local power for each camera

Once the CCTV system is Networked it can be viewed from many different locations both local and off site.
Client software ensures that only authorised users can view the images.
Network CCTV
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